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Hair Rocket “OK ALRIGHT”-video

February 14, 2011

This is Hair Rocket’s first single from their new LP Punishment Cookie out in April 2011. Download the song here for free!


Univox headlines Philadelphia Film and Music Festival

September 15, 2010


May 12, 2010

Here’s a live video of Hair Rocket’s show last week in Philadelphia, featuring “Don’t Knock it Mamma” an unreleased song due out on their new recording in September. Currently the band is involved in follicle warfare with indie band Xiu Xiu and have ordered a “Hair Hit”. Read more on this here.


March 11, 2010

Super hyped Hair Rocket will be performing this Friday, March 12 at The Fire in Philadelphia.  Here’s a (Shaved) down acoustic version recorded during a blizzard on a walking bridge over a river with yoga.


October 9, 2009

IMG_3023Olivia Anna Livki kicked ass last night at Don Pedros in Brooklyn with her wailing bass lines and thrilling voice somewhere between Joan Armatrading and Bjork and will be performing again tonight at Uncle Mike’s in Manhattan.She shared the bill with Hair Rocket(Up/Garage/Pop) celebrating the first group hair rocket launching and local greats El Rio Humano.

Hair Rocket

Hair Rocket

El Rio Humano

El Rio Humano

Aderbat @ Johnny Brenda’s 9/14

September 15, 2009

Aderbat never sounded better than last night at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia. The room perfectly balanced their fragile sound and lead singer Matt Taylor’s voice was crisp and clear. Their 40 minute set was a blend of older material from last years release “We Belong to the Sea” and songs from their current project which will be released in a series of singles. Aderbat will perform next at Monkeytown in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with the band Hair Rocket also on Mountebank records.


Aderbat at Johnny Brenda’s and Monkeytown

September 13, 2009

aderbatAderbat performs 2 shows this month; Tuesday, September, 14th at Johnny Brenda’s in Philadelphia and the 24th with Hair Rocket in Williamsburg, Brooklyn at Monkeytown.The Johnny Brenda show is a Y-Rock on XPN showcase with Jack Penate. This show will include a lot of new material that will be available from the Mountebank label as soon as it slowly trickles out of their recording studio.  Aderbats new line-up includes; Matt Taylor, Brad Kunkle, Todd Schied, and Craig Hendrix.

check out photos of the show here